Project Status:  Active

How can we dissolve the structures of inequality?  Class, racial, and gender inequalities, to name a few, require the building of new coalitions and new approaches.  In addition to trying to “solve” inequality, we must also ask how we can link movements against inequality in ways that can lead to bottom-up, systemic change.  This research project aims to use fieldwork, ethnography and networking to work in that direction.

The next Dissolve event, the Dissolve Inequality Music Summit, will be held on March 16th. For more information, see our event announcement and schedule.

The Dissolve project originated as a response to MIT’s SOLVE conference. To learn more about the original disSOLVE unCONFERENCE, please visit the sources below.

For more information about this project, contact: condry@mit.edu
Ian Condry
Lilia Kilburn
Lacey Lord
Nathan Saucier
George Tsiveriotis