CCI ran from 2014-2016 under the supervision of Dr. Ian Condry and Dr. T.L. Taylor

CCI focused on using ethnography to explore the intersection of online and offline spaces to identify new solutions to old problems. The phenomenal growth of online communities, new forms of leisure, social networking, and collaborative creativity in recent years has been facilitated in part by digital tools, but equally through social dynamics that build trust, rapport, and shared commitments. CCI operated as a team of ethnographers who used participant-observation fieldwork to examine the workings of these communities. It explored such questions as: What forms do successful communities take? What is the interplay between technological tools and collaborative creativity? How do such communities emerge, take shape, and evolve? Our team included CMS/W graduate students Lilia Kilburn, Lacey Lord, Nathan Saucier, George Tsiveriotis, and MIT undergraduate Karleigh Moore.